Top 5 Things You Need to Know to be a Great Account Manager

Top 5 Things You Need to Know to be a Great Account Manager

People often ask me what it is that I do. Well, I have a unique job that lets me work in various industries, and allows me to be involved in many different projects – from branding to web development to event planning.

I am essentially a member of multiple teams because, as an agency Account Manager, I am an extension of my client’s marketing department. And how fun is that!

So, what does it take to be a great account manager? 

  1. Learn your client’s business – You‘ll never know as much about your client’s company or business as they do, so don’t pretend to. With this being said, you should have a good understanding of their business. Do your research but don’t be afraid to ask questions to gain more knowledge – especially when it comes to important products or company initiatives. It’s also important to understand your client’s marketing vision. What is their goal? In the end, it’s your job to help get them there.
  1. Know all of the pieces – At any time, you could be asked for information about a web update, the latest Google analytics, brand standards, etc. It’s important to have a broader understanding of your client’s projects (not just your part) so when asked, you can provide answers without always leaning on other members of the team. This not only makes your job easier, but builds trust with your client.
  1. Build a relationship – This takes more than meeting your client for lunch around the holidays and, although it seems like basic stuff, it’s easy to forget. When beginning to work with anyone, get to know them on a personal level so when you chat with them, it’s not all about work. This goes for clients and vendors – the better your relationship, the easier your job will be because it provides a personal foundation. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving first day of pre-school pictures and invitations to lunch ‘just to catch up’.
  1. Keep pitching ideas – No matter how large or small, keep suggesting ideas. Even if budgets don’t allow for some things, your client will know that you’re taking an interest in their business, and in return will see more value in you. In marketing, it’s imperative that you constantly look for new ideas – stay up to date on industry trends, follow related events and look for content (and content creators) that you could share on social media, partner with, or learn from.
  1. Set expectations – Clear expectations ensure that everyone – both agency team and client – is working towards the same goals, at the same time, and understands what their roles and responsibilities are. It helps ensure there are fewer surprises and helps to ensure that the job gets done – and done right. It also helps you balance everything, so each client feels like they are a top priority.

I have learned a multitude of things since starting in the advertising world 7 years ago. Be involved. Share ideas. Be transparent. Relationships grow business. But most importantly, have fun! Advertising is full of creative minds, new ideas, and wonderful people.


This post was written by M. Milostan, Senior Account Executive at PUSH 22.