Stuck for Ideas? Skin a Banana

Stuck for Ideas? Skin a Banana

Have you ever skinned a banana? Of course, you have.

We all have.

It’s a potassium packed snack that almost anyone can enjoy, almost anywhere they go. No plate. No knife and fork. Even comes in its own carrying case. The banana is the perfect fruit.

It’s also the perfect metaphor.

As creatives, we’re tasked with finding new ways to solve challenges that other people have already solved. It isn’t easy, of course. But the next time you’re stuck for ideas, think of the humble banana. Most will quickly tell you there’s really only one way to skin a banana. A few might offer two ways to skin it.

There are, in fact, at least 8 ways to skin a banana…

  1. Monkey Magic or Upside-Down
  2. Snapping the Peel
  3. Four Splits
  4. Throwing the Banana
  5. Indenting a Thumbnail
  6. Twisting the Peel
  7. Slice and Peel
  8. Traditional Opener

My personal favorite is throwing the banana. But that’s beside the point. The point is that sometimes creativity is like a banana. And no matter what problem you’re trying to overcome, if you look long and hard enough at that creative banana, you’ll eventually find one more way to skin it. This post was written by R. Wilkie, Creative Director at PUSH 22.