Media Truths: Top 2 Things You Need to Consider in the Month of April

Media Truths: Top 2 Things You Need to Consider in the Month of April

This is the second blog post in our latest series – Media Truths. These posts will provide insight into how to make your media dollars work harder for you to meet your business needs.

Here are the top 2 media truths you need to know for the month of April

 Media Truth #3:  Challenge your media partners.

Media sales people like to stretch their creative muscles so if your sales are slowing down or you feel like you are in an advertising rut, give them the challenge.  They know their product better than anyone and can bring all of their company’s resources to benefit your business.  But don’t go in with an open ended request.  The last thing you want them to do is go on a fishing expedition that wastes everyone’s time. 

Share with them your objectives, timing and realistic budget parameters.  Treat them like a partner, not a vendor and you might be surprised at what they might come back with.  You won’t buy everything they present, but you will start building an idea file for the future.  And a relationship with a valued media partner.

Media Truth #4:  In media, sometimes, smaller is better.

While it is nice, not every problem is solved with a big splashy television campaign.  Sometimes a smaller, more targeted media opportunity is exactly right for the people who purchase your products or services. 

Targeting upscale thought leaders?  Try Public Radio underwriting.  The audience may be small, but it is a very high quality audience that is hard to replicate anywhere else.  

Want to target busy mothers?  Many communities have websites that provide information about events and useful parenting information.

 Are active seniors your best customer?  Consider posters or sponsoring events in senior community centers.  

By knowing who your best customer is and thinking about what is important to them, you might find just the right, more meaningful opportunities for your customer. 

Want our point of view about a specific media topic?  Let us know and we will include it in a future post.

Pssst. Check out last months’ blog post. Even though it’s a month late, we promise these tips will still work.

This post was written by D. Diers, Media Director at PUSH 22.