Creating a New Retail Brand

The retail kitchen and bath business is a highly competitive one, with big-box retailers and specialty boutiques all working to capture attention and consumer dollars. So, when Standard Electric Company decided to enter the market, they asked PUSH 22 to help them add some style to their story.

Wittock logo image

Making their Mark

The company planned to open four new showroom locations in less than a year, but in order to be successful, and efficient with its marketing budget, the company recognized the need to start with a strong, unified brand story. The new Wittock Kitchen and Bath logo was created with a distinctive “W” mark, which gives the brand a strong identity element to carry throughout its marketing materials.

All in One Spot

To help build awareness for the new brand, we created two unique campaigns – “All in One Spot” and the Wittock “WOW.” Both leveraged the new logo/identity and worked to position Wittock as a place that delivered design ideas, unique and hard-to-find brands, and everything consumers needed to get the job done.

Wittock magazine ad

Style is Social

Since the first place homeowners go when renovating is social and sharing sites, we made social a key part of the media mix. In addition to building a new Pinterest presence, we created “Ask the Wittock Pros,” which offered advice from Wittock design and renovation experts. These popular bi-weekly posts increased engagement significantly and over an 8-month period, helped to more than double Wittock’s Facebook likes.

Capturing Co-op Dollars

We also helped Wittock take advantage of the co-op advertising dollars offered by many of its key product lines. By leveraging both brand creative and customized Wittock-specific ads for targeted magazines and print, we were able to help Wittock maximize the impact of its monthly media spend.

Wittock magazine ad