Wagner OEx Automotive Aftermarket Branding

Mike Rowe Meets the Guys Who Know

A brake pad that can stop a truck up to 50 feet sooner than other leading pads – that’s a pretty big deal. So when the Wagner Brake team realized they had one, they engaged PUSH 22 to help them bring their message – and new product – to the street.

Mike Rowe and the guys who know

Getting the Dirt on Wagner OEX

Consumers rely on their mechanic to recommend the best part for a brake job. Those same consumers look to TV’s Mike Rowe to find out what it takes to get the job done. For the launch campaign, it only made sense to bring Mike and some ASE-certified mechanics together to help dish the real dirt on Wagner OEX.

The Science Behind the Stop

Most people know very little about brake pads so we took Mike Rowe into the garage to do what he does best – interact with engineers and technicians to find out what makes Wagner OEX such a game-changer. The resulting content was part of the digital buy and used as counter training for Wagner’s key retail partner.

“It’s kind of a big deal.”

A one-day shoot in L.A. produced two new TV spots. The first (“Tailgating”) focused on safety. The second (“Walk the Line”), dramatized the “50 foot” claim. The spot also spawned a catchphrase and unexpected star in Jeff Buckley, our certified technician and shop owner from Midlothian, Texas.

The Beauty of Slowing Down

Radio was a key part of the media spend so we worked with Mike to create a series of spots in praise of “slowing down”. The campaign included 4 spots (:30 and :60 versions) as well as a custom spot for Wagner’s key retail partner.

Wagner OEx billboard

Two Audiences, One Campaign

The new campaign had to reach both technicians and their customers, so we developed an integrated nationwide media campaign and trafficking that utilized traditional trade media as well as targeted outdoor and radio buys in key markets.

Building the Wagner Brand

The first thing the new product needed was a name and identity but rather than introducing another standalone product name, we made OEX part of a new naming structure which put the emphasis back on the Wagner brand. We also designed the product’s new packaging which won a Best New Packaging award in the AAPEX 2015 new product showcase.

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