Wagner Branding

Reshaping the Wagner Brake Brand

Not a lot changes in the brake industry – at least not very often. So when Wagner Brake developed a game-changing brake pad technology that could stop a pickup, SUV or CUV up to 50 feet sooner than competitive pads, they were ready to shake up the industry – and their brand.

Brand Forward

The brake pad space is cluttered with store brands, imports, and national brands. Working through our Brand Forward process, the Wagner Brake team was able to focus their rebranding efforts around consistent messaging with strong positioning, and a clear understanding of what the rebrand needed to achieve.

New Look & Messaging

To help Wagner products stand out from myriad brake brands, we developed a striking new logo and visual identity. We also introduced new positioning – With Total Confidence – which leveraged the brand’s reputation for better engineering, quality and safety.

Product Naming

Retail brand erosion has been a key challenge for Wagner, so rather than creating another “product,” we recommended a new product naming approach. Techs typically refer to brake products by a standard 2-letter product code (when they need a ThermoQuiet, they ask for a TQ), so we created a naming convention which embraced that fact and puts the retail emphasis back on the Wagner brand.

The Complete Package

Wagner needed to make an impression on the road and retail shelves, so we redesigned the packaging for its 4 key brake pad products. The Wagner OEX was named Best New Packaging by the New Packaging Showcase at AAPEX 2015.

The Guys Who Know

Automotive repair can be a tough job, so we brought in TV’s Mike Rowe, as well as technicians, who had helped with Wagner’s product testing, to help launch Wagner’s new OEX product.

Mike Rowe and Police Officers in a car