Solidworks PCB - Case Study

Electrifying Leads for SOLIDWORKS PCB

Printed Circuit Boards and Electrical Design is a highly specialized market. SOLIDWORKS created a new product to address this niche market’s design challenges but didn’t want the launch to get lost in the general SOLIDWORKS website. was born—with design, development and localization support from PUSH 22.

Leading the Launch offers limited flexibility but to be effective, the launch team needed detailed analytics, as well as control over which content would be gated, and which would be freely available. We built this functionality into the new site, along with engaging ways to display relevant video content that demonstrates the new technology and how to use it.

Gating the Content takes a deep dive into the features and functionalities of the new PCB solution with an extensive library of product, integration and how-to videos. The goal was to ensure key personas understood that SOLIDWORKS PCB was built specifically to solve the challenges of the PCB and Electrical Design market–not just an add-on or minor enhancement to their existing CAD offering.

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Localized for 8 Languages

SOLIDWORKS PCB may be highly specialized but the market is truly global. To support the global rollout, we helped the SOLIDWORKS team localize the site for 8 markets. We worked alongside the DS web team to ensure all local issues were addressed and provided Q&A support on the localized sites.

Getting Smarter

As the SOLIDWORKS team has evolved its marketing strategy, we’ve evolved and expanded the site; adding new content that moves PCB from a ‘standalone solution’ to one that more broadly enables the efficient design of “smart things.”

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We’re Here to Help

These are just some examples of the work we do with the DS teams. If you have an upcoming campaign that could use a little PUSH, drop us a line and let’s chat about how we can help.

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Mike Verville

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