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Brewing up Creative Content

The craft beer market is booming. And millions of designers and engineers around the world use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD tools to create, improve and and simulate the performance of their products. In our latest content campaign for Dassault Systèmes, we raise a glass to both and highlight how SOLIDWORKS users are impacting every step of the craft beer journey – all the way from farm to glass.

Engineering the ‘Farm to Glass’ Story

From the machinery used to harvest the hops, to the brewing equipment, to the trucks that deliver the beer, to the way craft beer is packaged and poured, designers and engineers use SOLIDWORKS to design better products, faster and more efficiently. That story is woven through six sections; each focused on a specific industry segment and supported with a mix of free and gated content.

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Starting with the Buyer’s Journey

The campaign targeted three key personas—managers, designers, and kick-starters—so we aligned a mix of new and repurposed content with each persona, at each stage along their buyer’s journey. Content formats included videos, webinars, case studies, featured articles, and interactive animations.

Measuring Engagement at Every Step

Detailed analytics are a key part of the program, with each individual content item tracked as part of a comprehensive tagging plan for the site.

We’re Here to Help

These are just some examples of the work we do with the DS teams. If you have an upcoming campaign that could use a little PUSH, drop us a line and let’s chat about how we can help.

Mike Verville

Mike Verville

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Andrea Quinn