Sika Automotive - Benefits Beyond The Bond

Discovering Benefits
Beyond the Bond

Better Vehicles Start with Sika. But demonstrating how your products are helping OEs address key product development goals, like lightweighting and comfort, isn’t always so straightforward. The answer? A digitally focused campaign showcasing the facts in easily digestible ways.

Invigorating the Info

There’s a lot of technical specs to get through when you’re trying to quantify the benefits of a full suite of bonding, damping, sealing, and reinforcing technologies. We worked with Sika’s marketing teams to identify the most important ones, and then created a series of infographics that addressed important market trends.

Sticking to the Web

The new infographic series was hosted on a PUSH 22‑designed and developed micro site, which gave the team greater flexibility for gating the content and tracking site visitors. Every three weeks, we released a new infographic to address a specific market trend. Some of the key benefits were teased on each topic page but to get the full story, users needed to register and download the infographic.

Making it Shareable

To help generate interest and support the overall digital campaign, we developed a series of social posts — including interactive pieces, quick hits, and video content — to drive traffic to the site and entice downloads of the infographics.

Enter the Emails

For each release, we created a series of custom emails, which were sent to both paid and internal lists. Each email highlighted key facts and points of interest, and was supported with social posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Debuting at the NAIAS

Sika Automotive unveiled the new campaign during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Wall‑sized versions of the infographics adorned the relevant product booths and other campaign assets were used as part of Sika’s promotional and press materials.