Rochester College to Rochester University - Case Study

Thinking Big, Becoming Bigger

Rochester College needed to navigate the exciting, tricky transition into a full-fledged University—and to share the news of its new expanded horizons with students, prospects, and the broader community. PUSH 22 has been there every step of the journey, providing guidance and support—from brand strategy to a new visual identity to strategic planning and communications—throughout the two-year transformation process.

Plan—and Brand—First

To chart a forward course for Rochester University, we began by assessing where Rochester College’s values, ideals, self-image, and public perception stood in the present day. Through surveys, focus groups, intake sessions, and extensive meetings, the PUSH 22 team identified and articulated the defining characteristics which made Rochester College a truly singular institution.

A Foundation of Knowledge

PUSH 22 delivered the results of its research in the form of a Brand Forward deck which described the college’s key audiences, articulated its vision, and defined Rochester’s central distinguishing principles and ideals. These served as the strategic foundation for the “Rise Together, Stand Apart” campaign theme and subsequent materials development.

Rise Together. Stand Apart.

Unveiling the Transformation

The new name and university designation were announced with a special video and presentation during homecoming festivities, an RC2RU landing page for Rochester’s website, a president’s letter to the community, posters, signage, and collateral materials, all of which were designed to build awareness and excitement around the new Rochester University.

A Continuing Drive Toward Change

During the college’s two-year transition process to full-fledged university status, PUSH 22 is supporting its communications and rebranding activities. PUSH 22 is working closely with Rochester personnel in the development of new logos, athletic logos, and brand guidelines, redeveloping the Rochester website, handling strategic social media advertising initiatives and targeted advertising programs, as well as creating the athletic department’s new visual identity.

The Winged Warrior

Rochester College’s proud athletic tradition carries forward into its new incarnation as Rochester University. The university’s new “Winged Warrior” athletic logo embodies a fearless spirit while establishing the university’s Midwestern geographic presence and paying homage to the college’s storied history.

A Successful New Start

The college community, prospective students, and the community at large have responded highly positively to the Rochester University announcement and the associated outreach initiatives. RU officials are already seeing the impact of the change in recruiting efforts and in a renewed sense of excitement among alumni, RU’s most important donor base.