Rexair - SRX

Plotting a Home Cleaning Revolution

Rexair invented its first Rainbow home cleaning system in the 1930s, and has introduced new models about once per decade ever since. The company’s newest model was its most powerful and advanced to date—but it needed a name, a visual identity, and a compelling narrative to convey its value to distributors and the public. With global market share and millions of investment dollars at stake, Rexair had only one chance to get it right.

Getting Inside the Rainbow

We started with a thorough understanding of the Rexair culture, the Rainbow’s unique international distribution and sales model, and the new product’s key differentiating features before starting development work on the product’s new name, design aesthetic framework, and key messaging. The PUSH 22 team worked closely with Rexair specialists to explore past marketing efforts and to understand current corporate objectives in order to ensure that the new initiative was a natural and effective extension of the Rainbow brand.

Creating a Visual Language

Boxes, marketing literature, manuals, incidental graphics, and video promotions for the new SRX would likewise require a distinctive visual identity in keeping with the product’s upscale, technically advanced character. PUSH 22 designers created a singular color scheme and wave/bubble motifs, evocative of the product’s unique water-based cleaning properties, that would serve it well in virtually all media and across the entirety of its anticipated multi-year lifespan.

Communicating Visually,
Connecting Globally

Since Rainbow products are marketed throughout the world to audiences speaking dozens of languages, it was necessary to minimize translation needs. We worked closely with Rexair specialists to develop a clear, uniform array of precise technical illustrations to communicate important user information visually, rather than verbally, in user guides and other materials.

Show and Sell

For the critical debut of the SRX at Rexair’s annual distributor meeting, we took attendees on a high-speed, visual journey through the new system. Using a combination of live-action footage and leading-edge CGI animation, custom music, and a commanding voiceover, this high-impact video wowed attendees and set the stage for a blockbuster product launch.

Building the Product Environment

PUSH 22’s design team built upon the visual nomenclature they had developed to create a comprehensive visual environment for the SRX, its accessories and attachments, and related products such as cleaners and scents. Boxes, marketing literature, photography, collateral material, product decals, and promotional and informational videos were all developed to reflect the distinct SRX visual identity.

…But There’s More

Leveraging CGI and live action footage created during the launch video sessions, PUSH 22 created a parallel explainer video illustrating new product features, as well as five sales supplemental videos and 15 “use and care” videos, creating a sizeable repository of high-impact video content suitable for presentation at sales events, in in-home product demonstrations, on social media, and on the Rainbow site.