Responsive Web Design – PUSH 22

Going Responsive

Not every PUSH 22 client requires a complete rebrand but most need a significant upgrade to their online presence. Check out these examples of recent responsive website projects where we helped clients from the construction, manufacturing, and IT space move their brand forward, online.

Three Rivers Construction

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Three Rivers Construction has built some impressive projects, so their new site was designed to put the spotlight on project photography. The design’s unique “tiered” content structure flows from left to right (rather than just the typical top to bottom). It allows for large project images while keeping key information above the fold on desktops, and reflows seamlessly when viewed on tablets and mobile devices.

Schaller Group

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Schaller Group manufactures precision metal components for automotive, aerospace, and other customers. Since prospective Schaller Group customers are distributed globally, frequent site visits aren’t always practical. The new was designed to help ensure website visitors get a clear understanding of the company’s impressive facilities and capabilities.

CRS Hydraulics

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CRS specializes in hydraulic systems and as part of a PUSH 22-led rebrand, we created a new responsive website that truly shows off its unique products and capabilities. We also integrated HubSpot technology so the site could become a platform for their content marketing efforts.

OKIN Desk Actuator Systems

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OKIN’s actuator systems combine sleek aesthetics with smooth, quiet motors and their new website was designed to reflect that experience for site visitors. Minimal design, simple navigation, and integrated video combine to create a dynamic experience that elevates OKIN’s design and technology.

A123 Battery Systems

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A123 is a world leader in the battery technology used to power electric vehicles of all kinds and their new site was created to provide “just enough” information about their technology. Technology and detailed product specs are at the heart of the content, providing engineers with the information they need to quickly validate which A123 technologies/products can meet the performance requirements of their projects.