Pep Boys We Go Further Brand Launch

Shifting to Service

“It’s no longer business as usual at Pep Boys.” That was the message the new leadership at Pep Boys needed to get through as it sought to set its storied brand up for another successful 100-year run. The business strategy was clearly defined—uncouple the parts and service operations so each could be free to innovate and succeed independently. All they needed was a brand strategy and campaign to support the transformation and drive the service business forward.

A New Brand Promise

“We go out of our way to offer more in the way of services, to provide a little more value, and to do what it takes to make sure our customers are satisfied. We want to be the one communities count on to keep them moving.”

An Integrated Approach

We didn’t just give Pep Boys a campaign, we created a new visual identity and a brand icon—the red service door—that conveyed their new emphasis on automotive service, helped tie together
their 360⁰ marketing efforts, and unified nearly 1,000 service centers nationwide.

We have been integral to every aspect of the Pep Boys service business launch—from planning and executing the 300-person sales kick-off event in Orlando to deploying broadcast media buys to content creation for targeted campaigns across all of the brand’s owned, earned, and paid channels.