Pep Boys Student Recruitment

Racing to 2026

The automotive service industry is headed for a major problem—if they can’t find 46,000 new technicians by 2026, they won’t be able to meet the needs of American drivers. With new advanced technologies such as all-electric and self-driving vehicles on the rise, our nation’s ability to service them is facing a critical shortage. In partnership with technical schools across the country, Icahn Automotive is leading the charge to solve the problem by raising awareness and highlighting the benefits of this rewarding and lucrative career path to students—with help from PUSH 22.

46,000 trained technicians needed by 2026
$30+Billion fleet industry
Average vehicle will be serviced 50 times

A “Vision” for 2026

Icahn Automotive entered into a partnership with United Technical Institute (UTI), home of the NASCAR Technical Institute, and other automotive service technical schools to help expose young people to the benefits of this overlooked career path. PUSH 22 designed arresting and engaging graphics for both the exterior of the institutions and classrooms within, to excite and inform potential future technicians.

Invitation to the Future

To get the word out about the official launch of the partnership and the “Race to 2026,” PUSH 22 created invitations, a ribbon-cutting event and video to both “hype” and share the “vision” of this ambitious project.

That’s a Wrap!

Done right, a big launch should make a big splash—and that’s exactly what Icahn Automotive got. From our “Make Shift Happen” car wrap to classroom wraps, the launch of this program was hard to ignore in person and on social media.