Pep Boys Mobile Crew

Disrupting the Automotive Service Business

Our lives our are busier than ever; people want convenience, especially when it comes to auto maintenance. With Pep Boys Mobile Crew, we helped Pep Boys launch a whole new category of auto care—one that “brings the car care to you” and delivers an easier and more convenient way for people to service their vehicles.

Rolling out the New Brand

To some, it’s just a mobile service bay in a truck—to us, our mobile service bay is another way to share our brand story. So we wrapped the truck in Pep Boys Mobile Crew branding to help market our new mobile service to consumers who otherwise might never know we exist.

At Your Work,
At Your Service

Making life easier for everyone involved—including the facilities and HR managers who have to manage and promote the Mobile Crew’s visit to employees—is key to the program’s success, so we created a DIY POS kit that included posters, brochures, table tents, video, email templates, and other promotional materials.

Auto Technicians Never Looked so Good

We even helped design the official uniform proudly worn by the Pep Boys Mobile Crew. This uniform incorporates the new Pep Boys color scheme and logo.

Meet the Mobile Crew

To introduce Pep Boys Mobile Crew to company employees and test drive the concept before the official launch, we helped plan and throw a Meet the Mobile Crew event. It also gave us a chance to document the Crew in action and create a series of videos that the sales team could use to explain the program.