MOOG Automotive Aftermarket - Case Study

The Devil is Always in the Details

Not all chassis parts are created equal. So, when MOOG’s competitors started suggesting that lesser products were “essentially” the same as MOOG’s—or worse yet, just MOOG parts repackaged in their boxes—MOOG needed to clear the air with some help from Mike Rowe and PUSH 22.

“If it doesn’t say MOOG, it isn’t.”

Making chassis parts that look like MOOG parts is easy but that’s always where the similarity ends. Better engineering, more testing, greater coverage—it’s why technicians trust MOOG and why our message was simple and direct—if it’s not in a MOOG box, it’s not MOOG.

Doing the Right Thing for Retail

To support the channel and technicians, we created a POS kit that included miniature Mike Rowe cut-outs, posters, hats, magnets, counter mats, door pulls, and more. The message – doing the right thing means making sure you recommend MOOG to your customers. We also created digital assets including web banners, a campaign web page, and social posts devoted to the campaign. MOOG social subscribers increased by over 50%. Intent to purchase MOOG products increased by over 800%.


We also created an “I just want my MOOG” promotion, which offered technicians the chance to trade a photo of themselves with a genuine MOOG parts box for an exclusive MOOG hat (some of which were signed by Mike Rowe).

The Spot that Almost Wasn’t

The original campaign concept was to build a digital campaign that takes place entirely behind the scenes at a fictional commercial shoot—which meant we needed a fictional commercial to pretend to shoot. So we worked with Mike on a fun concept and some scripts and it turned out pretty good. So we decided to shoot it as well as lots of behind-the-scenes content for digital and social. The campaign had over 128 million impressions while the videos received over 3 million views.

Average increase in social followers
across platforms
Increase in intent to purchase MOOG products
“What’s in the Box?” campaign impressions
Total campaign video views