Kensington Lives

Helping Kids – and Making Families Whole

Kensington Church wanted to create and host a special event to both support foster/adoptive families and help at-risk children find the “forever families” to provide the love and support they needed. PUSH 22 donated its services to create the strategy, branding, online presence and on-the-ground support it took to make the “Lives Rewritten” event an outstanding success.

A Name to Remember

PUSH 22 recognized that a memorable, emotionally impactful name would help drive sponsor support, public visibility, and the event’s success. The team chose “Lives Rewritten,” underscoring the life-changing significance of an at-risk child finding the right foster home.

Keeping Attendees Engaged and Inspired

PUSH 22’s event coordination specialists worked closely with Kensington Church representatives to plan and coordinate the day’s activities to enable a positive and engaging visitor experience. The teams arranged informational sessions, opportunities for inter-family communication and sharing, and chances to meet with social services specialists within a comfortable, relaxed and uplifting atmosphere.

Solid Material Support

To reach the event’s highly specialized target demographic—current and prospective adoptive and foster parents—PUSH 22 developed specialized communications and registration materials, including online informational/registration pages and pre-event mailers. These were coordinated with event materials, including the event program, on-site signage, volunteer t-shirts and other materials.

Knowledge Shared, Lives Changed

More than 175 current and prospective adopting and fosters families attended the “lives Rewritten” event, laying the groundwork for more at-risk kids finding new families of their own, while providing adoptive and foster families with a network of understanding and support.