Giving CLEANSHOT A Better Shot at Retail

When HUNTEGO needed to quickly refresh all of its CLEANSHOT marketing materials prior to a debut at the prestigious SHOT-SHOW, they entrusted PUSH 22 to tell the story of their revolutionary sport shooting technology.

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

The complex technology and and benefits of CLEANSHOT can be compressed into just four words: “You shoot. We clean.” Coupled with colorful cutaway graphics and counter displays illustrating the underlying technologies, potential customers were quickly able to grasp the significant advantages of this shoot-thru, bore-cleaning product.

Technology on Display

CLEANSHOT was catching some big attention from retail buyers but to take the next step and gain traction with large retailers, the management team recognized the need to invest in the brand. We quickly created new booth graphics, and redesigned their product displays and literature, just in time for the big SHOT-SHOW in Las Vegas.

Design Exploration

Even in a compressed timeframe, design exploration is part of the process, and we worked through a variety of approaches with respect to shape, color and typography for CLEANSHOT. Ultimately, there could only be one winner, but we gave the HUNTEGO team some great options and alternatives to consider.