Germinator - Safety as a Service

Safety as a Service

Germinator fulfills a vital need—and one that became critical with the onset of COVID-19: Thorough, effective disinfection services for homes and businesses. The challenge was to stand apart from legions of opportunistic newcomers to the disinfection field and distinguish Germinator’s superior methods and technologies in the eyes of potential clients. PUSH 22’s Brand Forward process helped the company reveal the story behind its technology and set itself apart as a pre-eminent provider of safety services.


Germinator’s proprietary disinfectant and sophisticated four-step sanitization process were demonstrably more effective than competitors’ offerings, delivering more thorough and longer-lasting protection against microbes. But the Germinator story extended well beyond the technology. In the PUSH 22 team’s eyes, the company’s primary offerings were safety, security and peace of mind—the confidence that comes with occupying a space with a dramatically diminished risk of contagion.


It’s one thing to offer disinfecting services—and quite another to communicate a passion for client safety. Amidst COVID anxiety, PUSH 22 crafted a simple, clear lead line to convey that message: “We just want you to feel safe again.” In a few words, Germinator was able to align its reason for being with a universal human need—and powerfully connect with customers.


A disinfected home or workplace isn’t something you could see or feel. So PUSH 22 made the invisible visible by defining Germinator client facilities as “Safe Zones,” marked by window decals, signage and signature green dotted-line accents demarcating disinfected areas, creating increased comfort and confidence for visitors. Inclusion of disinfection dates on signage and decals increased that confidence, as well as serving as a powerful and visible reminder of the need to repeat disinfection service at regular intervals.


PUSH 22 extended the Safe Zone identity to a full range of template assets—web content, social posts, signage, radio and video scripts, and internal communications assets designed to unify the company’s service offerings and deliver outstanding brand visibility. The Germinator team has leveraged these to create web, social and collateral content. A website design has been used to create individual franchisee websites. The result: A stronger brand identity, superior service differentiation and a solid foundation for continued rapid growth.