Fel-Pro Leakers - Case Study

Opening Up About Leaking

Left unchecked, oil and other fluid leaks can cause major damage. With the help of Mike Rowe, his real parents and a small cast of improv talent, we helped Fel-Pro raise awareness and educate consumers about the importance of getting a fluid leak checked out by a professional technician before it gets out of hand.

The Realities of Leaking

Mike Rowe leads a frank discussion about the realities of leaking with a group of self-professed leakers battling similar issues. His guidance encourages those battling automotive incontinence to get the help they need. In just 72 days, Fel-Pro’s leaker videos were viewed 2.5 million times. Total impressions reached 33 million.

Opening Up to Family

Mike and his parents sit down in their living room to talk about leaking. The laughs ensue as Mike’s parents are unprepared for the kind of leaking that their son wants to discuss.

Feeding the Social Strategy

We created plenty of digital and social content including humorous quotes, teaser videos, and behind-the-scenes extras, and fun facts about leaks and how Fel-Pro can help. Consumers responded. Fel-Pro’s key social platforms saw an average increase in followers of 61%. Talking about leaking is now socially acceptable.

Connecting with Consumers

The average driver doesn’t know which brand of gasket is installed on their automobile, much less the role of a gasket. So, we created content for Fel-Pro’s website that educated consumers on common leaks and the gaskets needed to repair those leaks. We also encouraged them to seek out a professional technician for help.

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