Fel-Pro 100 Year - Case Study

100 Years in the Making

In honor of Fel-Pro’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, we helped the brand say thanks to all the loyal technicians, repair shop owners, engine builders, racing enthusiasts, DIYers, and employees who helped them reach the milestone.

“Our Story is Your Story”

You don’t reach 100 years in business without a lot of help, so we made gratitude the heart of the campaign. Print ads featuring employees, an invite-only “Trip of the Century” sweepstakes, personalized Fel-Pro gear and exclusive 100-year collectibles were all used to recognize and say “thanks” to those who’ve helped write the Fel-Pro success story.

Meeting the Fel‑Pro Family

Fel-Pro’s first factory was located in Chicago, Illinois. One hundred years later, the majority of its gaskets are still manufactured just a few miles away in Skokie. In January, we invited Mike Rowe and his production team to tour the facilities, meet the employees, and find out just what makes Fel-Pro—and the work they do—so important.

The 100-year Gasket

What started as a simple sketch quickly became a focal point for the campaign—the Limited Edition 100-year Gasket. Our original plan was to simply use it as art but when we suggested maybe we should manufacture some, the Fel-Pro engineers and manufacturing team went all in. Engineering drawings were made. Dies were created. Steel was stamped at Fel-Pro’s Skokie plant. Five-thousand units were eventually shipped out to loyal customers as part of a thank you “Gask-Kit” full of goodies.

100 Stories in 100 Hours

Fel-Pro fans are incredibly loyal and passionate, so we asked them to tell us why. The first 100 valid submissions in the 100-hour period received a personalized toolbox decal and a limited edition, personalized stainless steel Fel-Pro mug, proudly forged in the USA. The resulting collection of stories truly captured its customers’ emotional connection to the brand and will provide the Fel-Pro social media team with some great social content for the remainder of the 100-year campaign.

Drop-shipping some Gask-Kits

To say thanks to Fel-Pro’s top customers, we created an exclusive “Gask-Kit” containing a limited-edition 100-Year Gasket, a t-shirt and poster. It also contained a VIP entry for a chance to win a Trip of the Century—an automotive bucket list weekend in the Motor City during the Woodward Dream Cruise.