DS Life Science eBook - Case Study

Taking a Leadership Position in Life Sciences

Simulation, 3D design and additive manufacturing are rapidly transforming the life sciences, and Dassault Systèmes (3DS) solutions are poised to lead the way. The company needed to broaden awareness of these technologies’ impact in personalizing healthcare and chose PUSH 22 to develop a comprehensive e-Book to demonstrate Dassault Systèmes’ thought leadership in the field.

Better Care By Design

Understanding First

PUSH 22 undertook an extensive series of in-depth interviews with subject matter experts, including Dassault Systèmes’ technology specialists and medical professionals in the oncology, cardiac, and prosthetics fields. The interviews explored the current and projected impact of simulation, 3D design, and additive manufacturing in unlocking the potential of truly personalized health care.


A Foundation of Knowledge

Over the course of several months, PUSH 22 collated the conclusions of its interviews, refining the results in the form of five subject-specific chapters. Each chapter focused on a technology’s impact on an individual life sciences discipline, illustrating the distinct benefits accruing to patients, medical professionals, and the industry at large. The concluding forward-looking chapter summarized the projected impact of integrated 3D technologies in achieving future breakthroughs.

185,000 Americans Lose a Limb EAch Year
$55 Billion Annually
$2.6 Billion
12 years

Targeted to Connect

The e-book’s individual chapters were structured to serve as complete, self-contained entities, as well as part of the larger story. By segmenting e-book content into sections keyed to specific user and interest groups, PUSH 22 enabled Dassault Systèmes to promote the work directly to targeted constituencies.

A Cornerstone for Continued Growth

The “A Closer Look at Personalized Medicine” e-book serves as a powerful content tool for Dassault Systèmes within the life sciences industry, serving as definitive proof of the company’s exhaustive knowledge and far-reaching vision for emerging technologies within the industry. The company has since used it as a foundational document for further publications—a rich and flexible content asset that DS can customize and reuse across multiple segments and specialties.