DS Geovia Case Study

Unearthing the Real Story

The global industrial minerals extraction industry is highly specialized—and highly resistant to technological “solutions” that don’t suit its specialized needs. Dassault Systèmes’ (3DS) sophisticated GEOVIA product can help producers to extract efficiently and profitably, but quarry operators needed to understand its advantages first.

Extracting the Insights

The first challenge: Convince technology-averse quarry operators that Dassault Systèmes and GEOVIA understood their unique needs. PUSH 22 began by working closely with 3DS specialists to gain an understanding of both the GEOVIA application suite and the industrial minerals industry’s complex business environment.

Deeper Understanding—Up Front

PUSH 22 crafted an in-depth, 14-page e-book outlining five key challenges facing quarry operators and the industrial minerals extraction industry as a whole, aligning these with five advantages of the GEOVIA solution. The finished book demonstrated 3DS’s understanding of—and commitment to—extractive industries, establishing GEOVIA as the simulation solution best suited to meet producers’ needs.

Show What You Know

PUSH 22 leveraged the knowledge gained throughout the e-book development process to create an eye-catching and informative infographic which colorfully illustrated industrial minerals producers’ five key challenges. With variants suited to print, mobile, and web presentation, the infographic is a versatile content asset that provides a quick snapshot of the eBook’s content, drives downloads of the eBook, and helps move producers along the GEOVIA/3DS lead nurturing path.


Illustrating the Advantage

Geovia can help quarry operators produce more efficiently and cost-effectively. By making its advantages clearly understood, PUSH 22 helps 3DS foster trust in its technology and drive adoption.