CRS Hydraulics

A ‘Reman’ of the CRS Brand

Change isn’t always easy for a family-owned business but with help from PUSH 22, CRS overhauled its 45-year-old hydraulic service brand—transforming everything from its logo and identity to the way the leadership team approached its marketing spend.

Overhauling the CRS Identity

CRS had the credibility to call itself the Hydraulic Components Experts and through the rebrand, they gained an identity that matched. The new logo and visual identity are simple, precise and clean, mirroring the experience that customers should always expect from CRS and its products.

Orange and the New Black

With the new identity, we introduced black overlays and orange to ensure all of the brand’s communications and marketing tools—from business cards to the “Express Service” toolbox magnets customers reference when a pump needs fast service—were easy to spot and remember.

Pumping out Great Content

With a limited marketing budget, CRS needed to get the most from every dollar, so we created a series of assets—like The Five Most Common Reasons Hydraulic Pumps Fail and Built in Your Backyard—that could be used for inbound marketing as well as sales support materials for the inside sales team.

A New Digital Platform

The company’s new responsive website gave CRS an easy-to-use digital catalog for specs and product information, as well as a platform to launch new inbound and content marketing efforts.

Moving to Inbound Marketing

CRS has traditionally relied on trade advertising. We introduced them to Hubspot’s inbound sales and marketing tools and guided them through the onboarding process. We then created and implemented a series of initial campaigns, focused on key service lines, to get them up and running (including emails, landing pages and content assets).

Design & Logo Exploration

As with any identity redesign, we explored a number of visual directions and ideas for the logo. Shapes that suggested hydraulic components were an important part of the exploration because they provided an immediate visual cue to product.