College For Creative Studies Dunning Competition - Case Study

Drawing on an
Untapped Talent Pool

When Detroit’s prestigious College for Creative Studies wanted to attract students from outside its traditional catchment area to its innovative automotive design summer scholarship program, PUSH 22 helped them create an innovative online recruiting campaign that connected with high-potential students where they live—online, on social media, and throughout the United States.

Recruiting Beyond
the ‘D’

We worked closely with CCS to identify the precise mix of criteria that made a prospective applicant a high-value addition to the scholarship program. Then we then identified specific social media channels, geographic locations, and targeted audience segments optimally situated to reach these students. Ultimately, the program leveraged Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Display Network as well as paid search to drive results.

Creative Fulfillment

We built out CCS’s initial program concepts with full creative development of imagery and messaging suited to the outreach channels selected. We developed custom-created graphics, banner ads, social media posts, retargeting ads, and other content to create a compelling and unified presence across the selected media.

Precise Targeting and Retargeting

Using a relatively limited budget, we succeeded in executing an 11-week campaign which supplied CCS with scholarship applicants from outside of the Detroit region, attracting quality candidates from California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and other locales. A sophisticated retargeting campaign “followed” visitors from the campaign landing page, re-inviting them to submit their work for consideration after their initial visit.

Better Metrics, Better Content

As part of our services, we also reworked inappropriate or missing meta tag data throughout the CCS website, enabling the college to obtain higher-quality visitor data as well as to track the progression of prospective applicants’ site visits. This has helped CCS to identify high-value site content from a recruitment perspective and better prepare for future campaigns. The landing page had 8,218 unique page views through the course of the buy.