AAMCO Aftermarket Service Case Study

Driving an Iconic Brand Forward

“Beep Beep MCO” … for people of a certain age, AAMCO will always be “the transmission guys.” But if you’re under 30, AAMCO is just one of hundreds of auto repair providers. More importantly, your new electric car won’t have a transmission. Those two realities forced AAMCO to evaluate its long-term business strategy and engage PUSH 22 to explore ways to reposition its brand for the future.

Shifting Perceptions

The AAMCO name may not be quite as strong as it was with consumers 20 years ago, but there’s still significant equity and a strong connection with franchisees. Based on market research, a thorough competitive analysis, and engagement with senior management and key franchisees, we set about shifting the perception of AAMCO from transmission guys to “drive systems experts” and specialists in complex diagnostics and repairs.

Redesigned for Digital

The AAMCO logo had been through several refreshes during the past 40 years, but our new logo and identity marked a more significant departure. The new logo maintains the brand’s iconic hexagonal shape, but has been modernized and streamlined for better reproduction in digital applications.

Testing the Thinking

With three corporate-owned stores and no competing franchisees, the Hartford area became a test market and incubator for the new brand model. AAMCO invested in a complete redesign of its three locations and used the rebrand to launch and test new services like the AAMCO Mobile Diagnostics Service.


The auto repair business is all about who you trust. When something’s wrong with your car, you don’t want the runaround—you want answers. Our “Ask AAMCO” campaign helps position the brand as the one to go to for expert answers and fast, accurate diagnostics.

Rolling Out New Models

Innovative service models are a big part of the plan for AAMCO, so branding their new Mobile Diagnostics Service was another key part of the rebrand effort. The new vehicles are equipped with all of the diagnostic technology a technician needs to quickly diagnose the cause of your “check engine” light (or other problem), and for $29.99, they can provide fast AANSWERS before you need to make a trip to the repair shop.