Sometimes, data is a scary thing for marketers. We pride ourselves on our creative, out-of-the-box thinking. We’re excellent at client-agency relationship building. We can build a responsive website like nobody’s business. But numbers? Gross. However, that’s where many digital marketers get it wrong. Some just focus on… Read More »
Believe it or not, about 49% of institutional respondents reported having a strategic plan to guide the development of their website or social media activities.Yes, you read that correctly. Less than half of institutional respondents have a digital marketing plan.Is that as frightening to you as it is for me?As… Read More »
A few weeks ago, I wasted blood, sweat and tears on the blog post, “Everything a Digital Marketer Needs to Know About Reaching the Right Audience Through Social Targeting.” Well, okay no. I didn’t waste blood, sweat or tears but I did spend hours researching and crafting the perfect blog… Read More »
Lightsabers are nice but if you’re getting into the content marketing wars, one of the things you’re going to need to arm yourself with is a copy standard. Copy standards help ensure that no matter who’s contributing – or what they’re contributing – it’ll be written in a consistent… Read More »