We Are The Mighty Mighty PUSH 22

With guts, grit, and a heck of a lot elbow grease, we challenge conventions and move the marketing world forward.

Every Great Journey Begins With a Single Step

Despite the early legends, PUSH 22 was NOT formed in a lake of fire at the foot of Mount Doom. We also didn’t come by the name PUSH by accident.

PUSH 22 was born from a simple idea: take the collective strengths of two established, award-winning small agencies and create a new one that was more than the sum of its parts – an agency that PUSHed beyond expectations in every way and in every aspect of its business.

Led by Dave Sarris and Mike Verville, PUSH 22 now comprises a talented group of marketing and creative professionals working passionately to create marketing solutions. By combining strategic vision, creative thinking, technical knowledge, and experience, we deliver breakthrough ideas and do great things for our clients.

And we believe PUSH 22 can do great things for you, too.