Wagner OEX Impactful Campaign

Which brake pads
are on your vehicle?

Wagner’s new OEX brake pads can stop a truck, SUV or CUV up to 50 feet sooner than other leading brake pads, but what does 50 feet of extra stopping power really mean? Our new campaign for Wagner OEX answers the question in a clear and ‘impactful’ way.

#partsmatter because families matter

Two identical cars. Two similar families. A simple choice: generic brake pads or a revolutionary brake technology that can stop you up to 50 feet sooner?

Make the Choice
or Take the Chance

We make important choices every day but most don’t give a second thought to which brake pads are on our vehicles. Our “impactful” radio spots address that idea head-on and raise the question: do you know what brakes pads are on your vehicle?

Print and Digital

The the national TV and radio buys are supported with online/digital as well as print buys in highly targeted consumer pubs. The message – 50 feet can make the difference between a quiet ride home and a serious accident.

Behind the Scenes