Fel-Pro 100 Year - Case Study

Our Story Is Your Story

In honor of the brand’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, we helped Fel-Pro say thanks to all the loyal technicians, repair shop owners, engine builders, racing enthusiasts, DIYers and employees who helped them reach the milestone.

A Campaign 100 Years in the Making

Fel-Pro is a true American success story and one of the professional automotive aftermarket’s most respected brands. In honor of the brand’s 100-year anniversary, we helped them reach this milestone.

Our Story Is Your Story

Fel-Pro’s first factory was located in Chicago, Illinois. One hundred years later, the majority of its gaskets are still manufactured just a few miles away in Skokie. In January, we invited Mike Rowe and his production team to tour the facilities, meet the employees, and find out just what makes Fel-Pro—and the work they do—so important.

The 100-year Gasket

What started as a simple sketch quickly became a focal point for the campaign—the Limited Edition 100-year Gasket. Our original plan was to simply use it as art but when we suggested maybe we should manufacture some, the Fel-Pro engineers and manufacturing team went all in. Engineering drawings were made. Dies were created. Steel was stamped at Fel-Pro’s Skokie plant. 5000 units were eventually shipped out to loyal customers as part of a thank you “Gask-Kit” full of goodies.

100 Stories in 100 Hours

Fel-Pro fans are incredibly loyal and passionate, so we asked them to tell us why. The first 100 valid submissions in the 100-hour period received a personalized toolbox decal and a limited edition, personalized stainless steel Fel-Pro mug, proudly forged in the USA. The resulting collection of stories truly captured its customers’ emotional connection to the brand and will provide the Fel-Pro social media team with some great social content for the remainder of the 100-year campaign.

Drop-shipping some Gask-Kits

To say thanks to Fel-Pro’s top customers, we created an exclusive “Gask-Kit” containing a limited-edition 100-Year Gasket, a t-shirt and poster. It also contained a VIP entry for a chance to win a Trip of the Century—an automotive bucket list weekend in the Motor City during the Woodward Dream Cruise.